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Sigma Alpha Society

The Honor Society
Consist of Members with Unique Skills, Talents and Proven Experiences, Referred by Other Members.

Personal Data Privacy

The Consumer Privacy Alliance Consortium, aka C.P.A.C., is to address the issue of increasing personal data security.

Looking for the participation of
Data Privacy Officers, Attorneys, Personal Data Security Advocates, and application developers around the world.

Over 90% of consumers are concerned about the growing business practices of collecting personal data, online surveillance cameras, and AI Chatbots
and using the information for business interests.

The goal is to alert the risk,
develop measures and solutions,
helping to comply with the legislations around the world, such as GDPR, CCPA, and KCPA.

Boosting Search Intelligence

is getting more and more important
for everyone and everywhere.

Especially for “the digitally handicapped” sectors
which do not have a dedicated IT resource or Expertise.

An easy-to-use, digital platform
optimized with SEO intelligence and AI.
would help boost online SEO intelligence,
optimizing for search engine intelligence and organic SEO, and
feeding digitally enhanced profiles for AI Knowledge base and search intelligence.

Two Are Better Than One!

A Social Platform for Venture Projects:
Connect Talented Members and Resources,
Organize a Team of Diverse Skills and Experiences
with Highly Experienced Team Leaders
To Achieve the Common Purpose.

A Cord of Three Even Better!

The Troka usually provides better balance,
stronger standing, and does not break up easily.

The key to success is
how the team with different skills and experiences,
measures up against each other,
overcoming the differences for synergistic outcomes,
achieving the goal in harmony,
avoiding self-centered biases,
which everyone one of us has.

Fatal founders’ mistakes are often linked to an inability or unwillingness to Objectively face a new reality.

Help "The Digitally Handicapped"

Our community needs an Affordable platform
to reduce the digital weakness gap, aka “digital divide,”
for “the digitally handicapped” sectors,
helping them deal with
the rise of AI and the digital transformation revolution.

For example, small businesses
used to represent over 90%
of worldwide businesses.

However, with the rise of digital transformation in 21st century,
their GDP share continues to decline to
below 42% since 1998,
Not affordable the Experienced resource to cope with the trends.

AI & Life, AI Policy, Safety & Data Privacy Forum

Consumer Privacy Alliance Consortium

Boost Search Intelligence

Sigma Alpha Society: The Global Pool of Experienced Talents

Cryto To Real Assets: Meet the Best of the Two World

The Global Networking of Whoswho Social Hub

Startup Springboard to Foster Collaboration

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